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Individually fitted bras, for a better feel

NEVER ANOTHER creates wirefree bras, fitted to you.

Utilising personal body measurements, our size-algorithm customizes our bra design to fit the individual, allowing us to offer the best possible fit and comfort.

Become a testpilot

Being a test pilot of our made to measure bra

Our goal is to be able to accommodate all types of bodies - regardless of size and shape. Therefore, we are looking for test pilots to try our individualized bra, so we can fine tune our size algorithm.

Being a test pilots involves the following:


  1. We collect your body measurements, and make a bra specifically for your body.

  2. We ask for your feedback on the fit, comfort and design.

  3. We ask that you review the bra, which we may use on our webshop and in our marketing.

  4. It may take several tries before the bra is just right for you, and you may of course keep the bra.


We’ll start by developing a bra made to fit larger breast types (cup D or above). These fit-tests will happen during spring and summer 2024.

As soon as we finish the development of this first bra, we will continue to develop bras for other shapes and sizes. Therefore, you are very welcome to register, regardless of your size, so we can reach out to you when we begin the development of the bra for your particular breast type. 


You can sign up to participate by filling in the form below - we're excited to have you on board. Thank you.

WorkshopCph5 original.jpg

Participating in a measurement workshop

We will test how well users are able to record their own body measurements using just a measuring tape, as well as how to best guide people in this task.

Several workshops are held in different parts of Denmark, where we will meet physically. The locations are determined by participant’s locations, so you will receive more information about meeting times and places after your registration.
The measurement workshops will happen between December 2023 and February 2024. 

You can sign up to participate by filling in the form below - we look forward to welcoming you to the team. Thank you.


Meet the team

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